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Clearwater’s Overwatch Intelligence Directory is designed to provide clients with simple access to our archive of maritime security incident intelligence, dating back to 2017. Qualitative analysis can be conducted quickly and easily via the intuitive dashboard interface, providing users with key insights to inform critical operational decision-making in high-risk areas (HRA's)

The dashboard seen below provides interactive access to a 'lite' version of the Overwatch front page for free. Data is available from 2017 to 2020. Full access includes the latest data, additional pages and metrics specific to either geographical region or type of incident. To subscribe to the full dashboard, or for further information, please contact us using the subscribe button below

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Attempted robbery on a bulk carrier, Malacca Strait
Issued: 5 days, 5 hours ago
Date Reference Region Category Aggressors Source
3 Feb 2023 - 17:30 CW Alert 004- (Feb 23) Southeast Asia Robbery ROBBERS IFC
It has been reported that four robbers were discovered in the steering gear compartment of a Marshall Island flagged bulk carrier whilst underway off Pulau Karimun Kecil, Malacca Strait. Nothing was reported stolen and the crew are reported as safe. The vessel did not require assistance and continued her voyage to Singapore.

MDAT - GoG issue warning over increased threat of Piracy, Gulf of Guinea

The MDAT-GOG has released a notice that there is an increased threat of piracy activity in the following area until 0600 UTC 10th February 2022. …

Robbery on an LPG Tanker, Angola

It has been reported that a robbery occurred on an LPG tanker whilst anchored at Luanda Anchorage, Angola. Robbers were able to board the tanker, …