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CORAL SaaS digitalises core elements of Insurance process whilst protecting insured assets with best-in-class 24/7 oversight, maritime intelligence and operational support.

Who We Are

UK maritime technology company

Clearwater Dynamics is an industry-leading technology company, specialising in IoT connectivity, vessel tracking and risk mitigation solutions. The company is owned and operated by industry-leading experts in the security, programming and technology fields. We deliver intelligence driven technology solutions to our clients around the globe.


Our global network sets us apart

Domain Awareness

Clearwater Dynamics 24/7 Operations Centre is an industry-leading authority that provides enhanced maritime domain awareness to clients internationally. Services include:

Industry Experts

Highly experienced industry experts provide uninterrupted 24-hour operational support through direct communication with vessel Masters operating in high-risk-areas (HRA's), providing information for live incidents and assisting in crisis management.

Our clients benefit from pre HRA-Master Advisory Briefs providing assurance of BMP5 compliance, route risk reports, route uploads and activations and emergency response assistance.

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Direct Contact

Clearwater's intelligence sharing network has direct contact with more than 5000 vessels globally, allowing Clearwater to gather dynamic and confirmed information.

This is enhanced by direct contact with in-country, multi-regional sources sharing information on current and live events. Seafarers are kept informed through our distribution channels, including:


The Clearwater Portal

Securely accessed and optimised across all devices, Clearwater’s award-winning maritime domain awareness portal provides single pane access to the full suite of Clearwater products

Clients are able to;
Track and monitor individual vessels, fleets and Global fleet
Establish access and administration protocols for internal and external users
Evaluate live Global weather & marine charts
Geo-fence areas of interest
Automate breach reporting
Access historic and current maritime risk and piracy intelligence

Live vessel tracking

Protect your assets

High resolution reporting intervals improves visibility of deployed assets to enhance the safety and security of vessel, crew and cargo

Increase operational awareness

Event based alerts provide shore operations with timely updates on vessel activity. Notifications include when the vessel starts or stops moving and when configurable speed limits are breached

Adverse weather risk mitigation

Monitor vessel behaviour in all weather conditions using Raptor's built-in accelerometer

Monitor performance

Raptor connects to existing sensors on board the vessel, such as fuel flow monitors, shaft power meters and weather devices for accurate analysis of vessel performance with high resolution

No hassle installation

A small footprint and slim profile means Raptor can be installed in the most convenient location. This also helps Raptor to remain out of sight, increasing the chances that asset location awareness is maintained during security incidents

Industry-leading satellite tracking

Raptor utilises INMARSAT satellites which provide global coverage and 99.9% uptime via their ISAT DataPro network

Global coverage

Combining leading proprietary, terrestrial and satellite AIS data we deliver the most complete site map of global shipping worldwide

Advanced search

The Clearwater AIS advanced search capabilities facilitate in-depth analysis of vessel activity anywhere in the world

Integrated solution

Integration of Clearwater's AIS feed within the Clearwater Portal delivers advanced and bespoke functionality across multiple business sectors within the maritime industry

Competitive advantage

Drive business intelligence and growth analysing live and historic Clearwater vessel voyage data

Domain awareness

Enhance maritime security and domain awareness combining Clearwater AIS with existing portal functionality and industry-leading intelligence including weather, marine charts, route monitoring and piracy alerts

Compliance monitoring

Support environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance, improve vessel valuations and demonstrate sustainability with CW's ESG reporting module

Easy setup

Clearwater Dynamics is able to connect and monitor any SAT-C reporting terminal deployed anywhere in the world

Remote, 2-way communication

Clearwater's Operations Officers can communicate directly with vessels via SAT-C in addition to monitoring any SOS activation

Flexible and reliable scheduling

Reporting intervals can be set as desired by Clearwater staff via the user interface available in the Clearwater Portal


Who we work with

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What we do

Live Pitch and Roll Monitoring

Live Pitch and Roll Monitoring

Unlocking the internal accelerometer within the Raptor and using edge computing, your vessels pitch and roll amplitude can be sent back to shore every 30 …

Clearwater Alerts

Clearwater Alerts

With access to multiple intelligence sources located worldwide, Clearwater Dynamics Operations Officers can promptly provide accurate and relevant domain awareness to their clients.

Global AIS

Global AIS

Clearwaters Global AIS Feed delivers the most complete site map of Global shipping worldwide. Combining leading proprietary terrestrial and satellite AIS data we deliver high …

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Raptor instant messaging is provided through the use of an easily installed Garmin device providing convenient and cost-effective two-way communications between vessel crew and land-based …

24/7 Operational Support

24/7 Operational Support

Clearwater’s High Risk Area (HRA) intelligence and operational support (IOS) provides persistent security oversight 24/7.



Raptor is the first low-profile satellite communications terminal with an integrated battery using the two-way Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network for remotely tracking vessels anywhere …

Route Monitoring

Route Monitoring

Designed for vessel owners and operators that require a real-time route compliance, Clearwater have implemented a route monitoring service (RMS). RMS provides exceptional maritime domain …

Route Risk Reports

Route Risk Reports

Clearwater Dynamics Route Risk Reports (RRRs) provide a clear overview of the latest incidents posing a potential security risk relevant to a vessels imminent voyage.

Vessel Tracking API

Vessel Tracking API

The vessel tracking API gives users the unique ability to integrate Clearwater’s best-in-class tracking capabilities with users' existing systems. Integration of new functionality with existing …


Our clients benefit in multiple sectors

Marine Insurers & Brokers

Clearwater’s Insurtech solutions deliver integrated live tracking, domain awareness and automated breach reporting. These practical applications enable more precise premium calculation, aggregated risk assessment, reduced administration costs and the provision of accelerated quotations

Shipping Companies

Operators benefit from a level of fleet visibility never experienced before, helping them to operate more efficiently and meet stringent IMO targets.

All Clearwater tracked vessels are monitored 24/7/365 by our experienced operations teams. As instructed direct communications with the Company Security Officer (CSO) and the Master of vessels involved or in the proximity of a live incident provides an invaluable resource when most needed. Clearwater offers an extensive range of risk management tools to the Shipping industry tailored specifically to your area of operations

Oil & Gas

Our award-winning Oil and Gas portal enhances vision and operational efficiency’s utilising live Raptor tracking and monitoring.

This is achieved with the live monitoring of individual work vessels and fleets associated to support tasking. Practical oversight of speed, course and route generates cost savings via improved fuel consumption, mitigation of task duplication and improved communications

Governments & Maritime Authorities

Maritime authorities and agencies utilise our accurate and timely marine intelligence to accelerate the expedient delivery of marine alerts and advisories. Clearwater’s weekly and monthly consolidated alert summaries contribute to mapping risk patterns of life, all accessible via the portal

International Navies

Clearwater provides localised and regional incident analysis, live alerts and risk analysis in the commercial shipping environment as a resource to support the Naval intelligence site picture

Security & Risk Managers

Clearwater is the first choice for many private maritime security companies that rely on us to help mitigate risk and increase the safety and welfare of seafarers operating in High risk Areas


What our clients say about us

‘we are gratified to now that we are excellent partnership to Clearwater Dynamics. The Portuguese Navy hope that we continue build this trust between Clearwater Dynamics and the Portuguese Navy’ ‘Once again the PNSC thank you for all the collaboration that Clearwater Dynamics also had provide do the Portuguese Navy’

Portuguese Navy

‘Based on the early warning from Clearwater Dynamics, DNK came in position to mobilize our crisis management team and start supporting our member, which of course at this stage was both concerned and uncertain of what to do.’ BRAVO-ZULU for job well done Clearwater! Thanks’

Den Norske Krigsforsikring

‘Your reporting over the holiday season was superb as always. It allowed us to keep on top of events even with reduced manning’

US Navy


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